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Social Media Daily Tasks for Promoting any Brand or Business

These highly recommended tasks can enhance your traffic you never expect. In this article we have only focused on most popular social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

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Lets Start With Facebook

facebook promotion


  • Respond to all comments and messages (Daily)
  • Post daily post to Facebook page in the morning (Daily)
  • Post to personal facebook profile.
  • Like all comments on personal and business page, reply as needed.
  • Engage in facebook groups using your personal profile.
  • Check Hashtags relevant to local area and industry for opportunities to interact.
  • Schedule following days post if you not be able to post it live.
  • contribute to conversations on other business pages by providing relevant comments.
  • dedicate 30 minutes building your own facebook groups.
  • check facebook insights for best performing posts.


twitter promoion

  • Post original tweets daily i.e. share blog posts, tips, quotes etc daily.
  • Retweet 3-5industry leaders, influencers¬† and/or people in target market.
  • Respond to all mentions
  • Engage with minimum of five targeted people/prospects daily
  • Add people who share your posts to a twitter list
  • Search for posts mentioning your name, business or products.
  • Monitoring hashtags and keywords¬† relevant to your industry and/or local area.
  • List people that you want to watch-prospects, influencers, competitors.
  • Share content from people who recently share your content.


linkedin promotion

  • Share a status update with relevant business content
  • Check and responds to messages and inmails
  • check notifications and respond to actions when appropriate.
  • Accept new connections and send message to open dialogue
  • Engage in conversation in groups
  • Tag your new connections with tag feature
  • Post a blog post in relevant linkedin groups
  • Didicate 30 minutes¬† to building your own linkedin group
  • Connect with new potential prospects through linkedin groups.

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