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Keyboard Shortcuts: Time-Saving Function Key Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Every working people use computer daily but most of them use it efficiently. Let me elaborate it. We press lots of keyboard keys but still we just ignore or don’t use few keys. Yes, I am talking about function keys. you can see it on the top row of your key board from F1 to F12. Each function key is design to execute a unique task. in this article we will tell you what is meaning of function key and what is does. Also you an realize hoe function key can save your time and even improve your efficiency.


There can be few more works apart from described below. If you know something else you can just comment below in comment box.


The Uses of Function Key..

F1       Opens the Help Screen for almost every program

F2      Allows you to Rename a selected file or folder

F3      Opens a Search Feature for an application that is active on that moment

F4      Alt+F4 Closes the active window

F5      Allows you to Refresh or Reload the page

F6      Moves the cursor to the address bar in most of the internet browser

F7       Used to spell check and grammar check a document in microsoft application such as microsoft word.

F8       Used to access the boot menu in windows when turning on the computer

F9       Refresh a document in microsoft word and send and receive email in microsoft outlook.

F10     Activates the menu bar of an open application. Shift+f10 is same as right clicking.

F11      Enters and exits full screen mode in internet browsers.

F12     Opens save as dialog box in microsoft word.


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