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Common and Advance Test Case Scenarios For Login Page

Writing test cases for login page in interview can be more complex as you have to only assume the login field. There will be no any requirement documents to test login page according to that.

However, here we are listing few common and advance Test case scenarios which will help you in interview.

Populer or well known Test case scenarios

  1. Verify if a user will be able to login with a valid username and valid password.
  2. Verify if a user cannot login with a valid username and an invalid password.
  3. Verify the ‘Forgot Password’ functionality
  4. Verify the messages for invalid login.
  5. Verify the login page, when the field is blank and Submit button is clicked.
  6. Verify the messages for invalid login.
  7. Verify if the data in password field is either visible as asterisk or bullet signs.
  8. Verify if a user is able to login with a new password only after he/she has changed the password.
  9. Verify if the font, text color, and color coding of the Login page is as per the standard




  1. Verify if the login page allows to log in simultaneously with different credentials in a different browser.
  2. Verify if the ‘Enter’ key of the keyboard is working correctly on the login page.
  3. Verify the time taken to log in with a valid username and password.
  4. Verify if there is a ‘Cancel’ button available to erase the entered text.
  5. Verify the login page and all its controls in different browsers
  6. Verify if SQL Injection attacks works on login page
  7. Verify that once logged in, clicking back button doesn’t logout user
  8. Verify if the password can be copy-pasted or not
  9. Verify the timeout of the login session
  10. Verify that there is limit on the total number of unsuccessful attempts

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